Colombia is becoming the fastest growing Oil and Gas market in Latin America. In October 2011, The United States ratified the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia, which becomes effective May 15th 2012. As a consequence, the interest of US companies in Colombia is dramatically increasing. US companies are looking for efficient ways to entering and participating in the Colombia market.

The purpose of the Colombia-Texas chamber of Commerce is to provide the necessary tools for the U.S. companies to:

Understand Colombia's business culture and dynamics
  • Increase revenues
  • Faster market entry
  • Decrease costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase market share
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Improve customer retetion levels
  • Identify reliable business partners

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Foro y Rueda de negocios - Bogota, Colombia
20 de Noviembre, 2014.

Mision Comercial de Houston a Colombia encabezada por la Alcaldesa de Houston Annise D. Parker y una delegacion empresarial.
Company Profiles forum Nov 20.pdf
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Foro de Transporte e Infraesctructura Barranquilla, Colombia
21 de Noviembre, 2014.

Foro de Transporte e infraestructura en a ciudad de Barraquilla con una delegaciĆ³n empresarial, encabezada por la alcaldesa de Houston Annise D. Parker, El puerto de Houston y el sistema aeroportuario de Houston
Company Profiles - Forum Nov 20.pdf
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Meet & Greet 2014 Indy Lights Champion Gabby Chaves. Lunch included.
The Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce and Avianca have teamed up to provide our members an exclusive discount on airfare.
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11-3 to 8
Expo Oil & Gas 2014 - Bogota, Colombia.

API Luncheon ""Colombia - Emerging Opportunities in Oil & Gas"

Foro & rueda de negocios Bogota, Colombia

Foro de Transporte e Infraestructura

Supply Chain Management: Logistics and Opportunities  in the Oil and Gas Industry