Internship Program
​The Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its new Internship program. With the help of the Bauer school of Business at the University of Houston and the Universidad de la Sabana, in Bogota, Colombia. The Chamber will help students gain real-world knowledge and experience in business and promote their understanding of different cultures.

The promise of hands-on, developmental experiences to compliment advanced learning guarantees that the new internship program will be an exciting opportunity for CTCC and all students who participate. ​If you are interested in participating and being part of our internship program, please contact us at  
Success story by Susana Marin - Former CTCC intern

My name is Susana Marin Arango and I am from Medellin, Colombia. I am currently a student at Houston Community College, studying Banking and Financial Lending through a full ride scholarship offered by the U.S. Department of State. I have been in United States for a period of one year during which I have been a full time student. I have participated in community service, acquired an internship in my field of study, and served as an ambassador of my culture.

CTCC Volunteers

Our Chamber is blessed to have amazing volunteers. We would like to THANK these wonderful people for their time and effort and for willingly help CTCC fulfill its mission. Below are some stories from volunteers who have experienced first-hand the benefits of volunteering at CTCC. Be inspired!

Dianne Paulina Rivas - Former 2015 volunteer 
​"Mi experiencia como voluntaria en la Cámara de Comercio de Colombia fue un paso clave para mi desarrollo profesional y personal, pues que me ayudo a
definir el camino que ahora sigo. Puedo resumir en dos puntos lo que encontré durante mi estancia en la Cámara: *"
*Calidad Humana**. Se tiene un ambiente de trabajo único, conformado porun equipo de personas con grandes valores tales como respeto, agradecimiento, honestidad y solidaridad*
*Excelencia Profesional**. La Cámara está conformada por personas líderes, personas altamente preparadas, entregadas y apasionadas por su trabajo*
Liliana Torres-Valdez - Former 2013 Volunteer 
"My experience with the Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) began two years ago around December 2012. At that time I was graduating from college. As every student, I was very excited about obtaining full time job and applying the skills acquired during my college tenure. Sadly as an international student, the job search was not a fun task. I was filling job applications at home on a daily basis.
After a few months the frustration started to set in and actually getting a job seemed like a distant possibility. Finally one day, I received an interview at the University of Houston. The interview was flowing well hopes were high, until I mentioned my work permit situation. Given this reality check I thought maybe it was a good idea to check MBA plans to open up more opportunities.  Therefore, right after the interview I walked to the MBA office. There, I met someone who has a current volunteer at CTCC, I guess he noticed my frustration and informed me about the Chamber. They were looking for someone with accounting skills, and a few days later I went to an interview with the CTCC team. They accepted me in and I started volunteering right away.
They helped me out a lot, not only giving me a part- time job but everyone I worked with turned into my new friends quickly. I felt much identified with all the activities they developed. We organized workshops for Hispanic people disoriented on how start their business in the US. , meetings for suppliers interested on the Oil and Gas industry, and a special event where we took American companies to Colombia to improve their interaction with the country.
I worked with CTCC for five months where I met other individuals like me and I am happy to say that we still remain in close contact to this day.  CTCC opened many doors for me as well as aided me in building my networking base. Thanks to this experience every time I see a friend in the same position as I was a few years ago I recommend CTCC and inform them of the great benefits of being a part of this productive organization."