Recruitment Portal
The Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce and LHR Americas are delighted to introduce two new recruiting services. These services have been designed to energize the growth and development of enterprises in such way that American companies could have the best toolkit to incorporate the finest human resources in their teams.


-Recruitment Process Service

(Full service)

This service includes the search and selection of the best candidates that match the companies' required profiles.

The process will generate a ranked short list of the best candidates available; therefore! assisting the companies' selection procedures and organizational

Contact us at to make an appointment to discuss further details about our services.

-Job Posting Service

Your Company can post current job openings through The Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce Network. A recruitment portal has been set up to let your team administrate your own vacancies.

About the application or system 

The objective of this application is to manage an effective recruitment process for all users. It is initialized by the creation of a specific position, which is then followed by the collection of resumes from different sources. It will then move on to be evaluated. This system will allow you to track every part of the process. 


​Beginners: People who wish to evaluate the system on behalf of an organization. The software offers a quick and effective learning space that allows the user to gain the basic skills for operating the application.
Administrators: Those who provide quick and effective solutions to the various concerns of other system users as well as the administration and configuration of the system.
Recruiters : People who require documentation in order to correctly select people for open positions. Their importance throughout the system is crucial in the recruitment process.
Technical : Those whom evaluate the Candidates as part of a requisition